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I am not going to read every response up to this point but I will throw in my 2 cents. I will probably get crucified for this but so be it, we all have different opinions on the matter.

I don't see anything happening to guns or ammo the next 4 years. I could be wrong, but they have a lot more to worry about on the table rather than take the time to vote on a ban.

I am an independent but generally lean democrat. I own a small arsenal of weapons including "black guns" that would put some small gun dealers to shame. I have what I consider to be a lifetime supply of ammo "just in case". And guess what there are others out there just like me.

I think the NRA is an extreme and unreasonable group at times. I think the extreme leftists are unreasonable as well. However I am not against making it slightly more difficult to obtain firearms. Here where I live one can buy a gun off of the classifieds with no ID and no background check. In my opinion that is just crazy. It makes it extremely easy for felons to get guns here.

I lived through the Clinton era. I live in a gun friendly state and didn't really notice much difference in obtaining firearms. Yes steel jacketed Chinese ammo was banned from import and the price on "black guns" went artificially up and without reason if you ask me. We all made it through and it just wasn't that bad. In fact the Clinton years were the best financial years of my life but that is for another discussion.

Any how, I know I am in the minority on this board but I just wanted to throw that out there and let the new comers to the sport know the end of the world is not here and I don't see much if any restrictions on firearms the next 4 years.
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