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I am building a Savage 110 in 264 win mag right now. I was originally thinking a 6.5-284 but upon looking at the ballistics. There is not alot of diffrence between the new guy on the block and the Ol' timer. So I opted for the Ol' Timer for nostalgia reasons. I am going to do the same that you have done with Berger bullets for it. I really like them in my other calibers. However it will be more for mule deer and (wyoming wind) antelope hunting. I have a 7 MM mag that I use for Elk. I dropped my bull last year, 1 shot, 150 yards, with a 175 soft point. His vitals were more like gelotin then anything that resembled heart and lungs.

It will be a fine elk cartridge, however, I must agree for elk stick with a tried and true Partition. Elk are pretty tough customers and will take a good shot and run. Even the cup and core bullets will do the job, Something in the 140 grain range. Big game... Big bullet! GOOD LUCK!
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