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Sorry for the late reply, but here goes....I've used 231 for twenty years and have yet to find a hand gun caliber that won't perk to perfection with it. For the .45 be it ACP or LC, it's my powder of choice producing factory standard velocities well within pressure limits.

For ease of metering through RCBS or Dillon measures, 231 can't be beat. Great uniformity. I gave up on Unique years ago for just that cause...varying loads when dropped from the measure.

Recently, a cpl yrs ago, I was told that HP38 is the same powder...different label, but exactly the same. I've tried it with the same loads in .38 Special, .357, .44 Spl and Mag, and the .45' chronograph shows the same velocities for identical charges...they're interchangeable in my experience. Were I to pick one powder for all handgun loads, it would be 231 or HP38.

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