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This situation total is a downer. I can see the owner making noise. I am going to talk to the owner and encourage him to hold his ground on this issue. I may also talk to the homeowner and ask her when is the best time for me to shoot, but make it clear that I am engaged in lawful activity.

My other concern is that when my big boomstick, the M60, arrives, that is really going to be loud. I've never heard full auto 308, but if it is as loud as a normal hunting rifle 308, this neighbor is going to freak out when she hears a belt of 100 linked 308 rounds going off.

The bad news is that the other range that allows F/A does not allow 308, only 223 and below. Arggg.

My other thought, of which I do not know because I am a newly minted machine gun owner, is does this issue pop up at practically every range? Is this the reason why most ranges do not allow full auto?
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