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How to handle this situation

I have had my machine guns for one week, and have been to the range four times with them. Between the four trips, I have fired about 5,000 rounds.

The range is an outdoor range, near some homes. I won't identify the range, and if you figure it out, please do not post its name.

As I am driving out of the range, one of the homeowners asks in a very nice way if I can take my 'automatic weapons' to some other range. I tell her diplomatically, no.

I ask if anyone else fires automatic weapons, and she says yes. I neglected to ask her if she makes the same request of everyone else. I should have asked her.

I was wondering how you guys would handle this situation? I know some of you may say use a suppressor, of which I have several. But I hate using them (see my thread on Shooting Suppressed F/A isn't for lefties).

Do I just ignore her?

Btw, I edited facts to keep this anonymous.
Have a good day!

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