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Well, now for my next question...

I can find G&G revolvers, usually in .44 with the brass frame. These are almost all Uberti. But, I also dig the 1860 and have found that for $100.00 more I can get an 1860 from Taylors and Company with a blued barrel and cylinder and with a case hardened frame (also in .44). I am not as worried about the caliber as I am the quality.

I am on my second Man With No Name revolver from Uberti and this Saturday pick up my third. Both of the first had quality issues (and I know the third one has some small bubbles in the brass which irritates me). I have heard that Taylors and Company gets their guns from Uberti as well.

So, should I go for the G&G or the 1860?
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