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Need help choosing

Hello to everyone ,(sorry if wrong section)

I'm in a predicament , I'm stuck between to choices and need so help making my mind up . I have to options In mind ;

Option A: buy a center fire bolt action and a alright scope try to keep it under $800 dollars , either a Remington 700 adl , savage trophy hunter or a howa 1500 all can be found under 800 (not a lot of funds reason for option b)


Option B : put a glass on my saiga 7.62x39 and buy a nice bolt action 22lr with a good glass on it .

The needs for the center fire rifles would be hunting medium game. Such as white tail and mule deer

But if I would buy a 22 I could have fun plinking rifle and my saiga would be good up to 200yards for live game and 500 yards for steel

Thanks to everyone in advance for any advice .
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