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I think the Ruger Single-Six Convertible is the best bet for you, overall.

There are many online resources describing how to smoothen/slick up the action, but remember that there is a ratio between how strong the hammer spring is and how frequently there are misfires.

Yet, even with the factory main/hammer spring, there is a chance of misfire/hangfire with .22 rimfire- as bulk ammo isn't the most reliable.

You WILL need 2 cylinders to be able to shoot every .22 rimfire handgun cartridge, as others have indicated. Seems like you know that already.

IF you want your kid to have fun with the Ruger S6, get a shorter barrel length.

Ruger S6 grip frames are aluminum [unless you buy a stainless gun], so a 6" barrel might be nose heavy for a kid.

I took the time to fit steel grip frames to my S6 and Blackhawk guns with 6" barrels so that I will like the balance better.

My 4.62" barreled S6 and Blackhawk I've left alone, as they seem to balance ok as it is.

I can't think of any other pistols with swappable cylinders that are as reliable and can be tuned to have as smooth of a trigger as the Ruger S6 pistol platform, for SA pistols.

I don't know of a DA pistol with swappable cylinders except the old High Standard Durango revolvers- which were a western six-gun look but a DA/SA action. I think they had some with swappable cylinders.

The High Standard Sentinel revolver was the police/duty looking version, and they cannot be as easily tuned for slick/light action as the Ruger can.

If you are getting 2 revolvers anyway, I'd say to get a Ruger Single Six convertible AND a DA/SA quality revolver- rather than something smaller/cheaper than the S6.
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