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Something to think about. When Nightforce first got going they were in a small shop just south of Renton, Wash. I was looking for a copy of Varmint Hunter magazine and called to see if they might have a copy, certainly did. So the next week I had a load with some drops near there and stopped in. Young guy running the show then. He had a partner out back that assembled the scopes. He showed me a scope that the reticle lit up in, bright red cross wires. Really pretty neat. He was a long range shooter himself, showed me a rifle he had there. don't recall the action but it was a 308 and weighted right at 30 pounds. In the course of conversation he told me all their parts came from China and they put the scopes together right there. I have no idea if that's the way they still do it or not but it did look like a nice scope but the biggest difference I noticed from other mid range scope's was that lighted reticule. It didn't go top to bottom and side to side it somehow just hung in the middle! The wow factor cost's a lot of money!
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