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Originally Posted by Don Fischer View Post
This is good. Just read on another forum, a guy has a rifle he paid $1139 for brand new. On it he put a Vortex Viper FFP 6-24x50 he paid $959 for brand new. He obviously got his self a crappy scope for the rifle he has! Just though I'd mention it!
From the quality standpoint of Vortex over the past couple years, you are correct on the crappy scope part.

And yes, If you can afford a Nightforce, then put one on your Mossberg. It might just help you out.
I've put a $2k Swarovski on a used $350 Savage before. It beat the hell out of the POS scope that was on the rifle when I bought it. Never missed any deer or elk that I ever put in the crosshairs with it.
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