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Well I just picked up, what could become one of my favorite's, if not my favorite .22LR handgun. It is the Smith & Wesson Model 617 Revolver holding 10 rounds. This gun is on the same frame (K Frame) as the Model 686 chambered in 357magnum. This gun is hefty and recoil is almost non-existent due to the diameter of the barrel and the full length underlug. I have been reading about problems within the first few rounds, but I put 40 rounds into a softball sized dirt clod, until I can get to the range, without any problems. This is a 4" barrel model and there is even a 6" model available. Right out of the box, it shot to aim at 15 yards using the Browning BPS 40gr. rated at 1435fps. I don't know how it groups yet, but in 40 rounds I never missed destroying a dirt clod. The single action trigger felt like about 3-4lbs. and the double action pull was smooth as glass and probably around 7-8lbs. This is the first S&W Revolver I have owned in 30 years. It has the frame safety which does not bother me in a .22 caliber gun, so to prevent any possible warranty coverage issues, it will stay unmolested. The grip is a bit small for my big hands, but not so uncomfortable that I want to change it. I will be changing the front sight to one that is fiber optic, to help my old eyes. The black on black just doesn't work for me. Rear sight is a nice adjustable one, but I wish it had a white outline blade. Again for the old eyes. It will be a nice companion to my Ruger 10/22 for cottontail and bushytail hunting.
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