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I don’t know much about the various .36’s made and how the twists may have varied through the years and by manufacturer, but if it’s a slower RB type twist then maybe creating a short bullet is what you’d want.

When I bought my 2013 NMA it didn’t come with the 1:30” as I was told Pietta produced, but I had created a heavy bullet that was just a hair longer than a ball:

It shoots just as well as everything else I’ve shot through my faster twists. But I also learned a few things from this design and will be tweaking a few things.

Both of my revolvers kiss the meplat though. They aren’t designed for that (RB or RN), though the Ubertis I read are designed for the historical conicals. Once I have my universal bullet designed I’ll likely buy an additional ram to epoxy to the nose design. I don’t really shoot balls anymore but don’t want to give up that capability, especially when I can use a ball for practice losing less lead at a range.
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