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I prefer to create my own designs from Accurate Molds. This way you get exactly what you want. And since these don’t get reliable expansion a wide meplat is your friend (I am a hunter). After a wide meplat would be a RN like the Lee. The historical pointy conicals are the absolute worst as far as “useful” since they go so slow which merely allows the flesh to stretch thereby creating a smaller than caliber permanent wound track. A RN or ball creates a projectile sized hole, but a wide meplat creates a much larger hole, even at low speeds. Elmer Keith’s Civil War friends both stated the conicals didn’t do well like a ball.

For myself accuracy is quite important, but has to have the energy I need it to. I’ve found that both my ROA and NMA (1:16” twists) do equally well at 15 yds with a ball or a bullet so I have measured and intend to create my next bullet to fill the excess with lead (leaving a little wiggle room).

I’m not sure how hard it is to get a Kaido mold from Lee as they only make periodic runs when he has the numbers for them to retool or whatever.

I’m not sure why you think the Lee bullets don’t work in paper cartridges:

Granted mine aren’t period correct, but they can work. I know the original designs have a much more rebated base than the Lee (or Kaido’s and mine for that matter). Oh, and that’s a .45 cal Kaido bullet next to the Lee.
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