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None of it really matters as long as it works. The important thing is being able to look at your target and diagnose why your rounds are impacting where they are. If you can do that you can start figuring out what works and doesn't work for you.

For me, depending on the gun, the crease or just forward of the crease is where my finger touches the trigger. You need to find the sweet spot where you pull the trigger straight back without pulling or pushing it to either side.

Punching out to full extension of your arms is standard practice at least for combat shooting. It helps with recoil management and keeps your stable.

As for wrapping the trigger guard with your off hand I guess it could be fine as long as it works for you but that's not how I teach it. I teach roughly equal pressure from both hands. The idea is to have your off-hand fill in the gaps left from your dominant hand so that the whole grip is covered with skin. Fingers under the trigger guard, thumbs more or less horizontal along the frame but not putting pressure on the slide.

Beware any instructor who is aggressively dogmatic about anything.
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