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Well it impressed me enough that now I have a copy of Quickload on order. I tried some of the Leverevolution loads today. Velocity was lower 200 FPS than what Gordons predicted but everything went bang and not boom. Got the smallest groups I have ever consistently seen with that Grendel but I do need to hit a higher node if I plan on shooting it in tactical rifle matches @ 800 yards. 2200 FPS was the highest I could hit with what I had worked up but had no ejector swipes or other pressure signs. Rifle cycled fine. I figure the quickload will have a larger and more accurate database.

I purchased several odd powders at the beginning of this mess and have my doubts if I will ever see my old favorites like H4350 and Varget back on the shelves regularly and want to make sure I can do with what I have and can get ahold of
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