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Training Without Shooting

I’m well aware of it. I watch the Olympic events for air rifle (I really enjoy biathlon).

Me shooting a C02 pistol doesn’t replicate the challenges of controlling recoil of a centerfire cartridge for multiple shots in a string or dealing with the body’s tendency to flinch from recoil. As I said above, I’ve taken a number of new people shooting. The 22 is relatively easy for them after not much time. When the recoil kicks in from other cartridges is when the challenge for those shooters generally begins.

I’m not opposed to pellet guns. I shot air rifle a lot in high school and per the above I want to pick up a C02 pistol to supplement my reduced shooting. I just don’t consider it a straight replacement if the end goal is to use centerfire rifles and pistols for self defense (if your goal is competition with pellet guns that’s obviously a different story). The existence of international air rifle events isn’t some form of proof positive that pellet guns can replace shooting with actual firearms. In large part the existence of those events has to do with the restrictive firearm laws in other countries and the challenge of traveling internationally with firearms.

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