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In the suffocating, paralyzing stress of a split-second, face to face self defense situation, you'll "go with your training," as instructors like to say. What that means is that you will mentally shut down and do whatever you've learned to do automatically, without thinking - if anything.

This is where good dry fire practice can come in. After quadruple-checking to make sure the gun's empty, practice just drawing and firing in a simulated normal situation: with a jacket, or tropical shirt, or however you carry. Just draw and fire at a spot on the wall, a book on a shelf, etc. Over and over and over, until you can do it smoothly and automatically, in less than a second, utterly without thinking, like you would blink an eye.

Practice it also with a target to your left, and a target to your right.

This could very well save your life someday.
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