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I started out with Winchester 231 (a.k.a. HP-38 -- same powder exactly) for .45 Auto and I've never seen any reason to change. Other people I know seem to like Bullseye.

For general purpose shooting I have been buying Berry's plated 230-grain round nose. For a change-up, I more recently (as of a couple of years ago) started also loading Berry's 185-grain round nose hollow-base bullet. I also do some with their 200-grain plated semi-wadcutter, but I use those mostly just to verify that they'll work in various pistols.

The .45 ACP started out using large pistol primers, and most of my brass takes LP primers. Winchester's non-toxic ammo uses small pistol primers, and Blazer Brass uses SP primers. If you bought a bunch of range brass, sort through it carefully to be sure you don't have some SP cases mixed in with the LP cases. Even though I try to be careful about that, every once in awhile one of the SP cases sneaks through and I find it when the normal amount of pressure on the priming tool results in a hard stop rather than a seated primer.
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