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Originally Posted by zincwarrior View Post
Want to not suck, or be good? Dry fire 30 minutes a day every day. Bill drill, transitions, movement, targets at different distances, 20-50 mag changes, etc.
Good advice. However I dry fire three times a day for 10 minutes. I do a lot of drawing from the holster and I use a laser cartridge. I also use BB/Pellet and Air soft for training and fun. In the past I was shooting as well but things are changing even quicker than I anticipated.

I no longer shoot any of my LARGE inventory of Ammo. None. The Ammo shortage is not going to recover and ammo for protection is going to be of vital importance. Just like I prepared years ago to start a good supply, I can also now see that things are going to get very ugly in the next few years.
I still shoot my Shotguns as I am able to find the supply easier to get. I also shoot Black Powder, but do not know how long that will last. I add to my supply of that as well.
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