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Thanks Scorch,,,

That info helps me.

I'll never shoot it again using black powder,,,
I absolutely hate the clean-up process.

I believe removing/loading/inserting the cylinder will be a lot easier,,,
Besides, me being way into shooting single-shot rifles,,,
I kinda enjoy the slower mechanics of this.

I went to on a members suggestion,,,
They have the cylinder that will work for me,,,
Price is a bit steep but what the heck.

I just need to determine if my carbine is a Pietta or an Uberti,,,
I should know that but it's been a long time since I even looked at the gun.

Thanks for clearing that issue of which cartridge it will use,,,
I have a SASS buddy who will load light rounds for me,,,
At least I think he will if I ask nicely.


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