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I'll admit I don't know all the committee rules but her nomination needs to be voted out of committee correct ?
Understand there is a difference between the law, and Senate procedure.

The Constitution requires the Senate to "advise and consent" but nothing specific beyond that. Generally we accept that means a vote, but HOW the Senate goes about having that vote depends on the Senate's internal rules, which the Senate can, and has changed many times over the years.

As others have said, a committee approval is only a step the Senate is CURRENTLY requiring due to their internal rules and not a requirement of law.

IF they CHOOSE to, the Senate leadership can simply put her name out for a general floor vote, yay or nay, up or down, no committee involved. They have that authority. How they CHOOSE to do their business is another matter.

And, I never said, or meant to imply that people who have the virus should continue in their jobs affecting/possibly infecting people they contact. What I said was that there is a process in place to replace those people (with non-infectious ones) so that the job still gets done.
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