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For sometime I was a .243 basher and did not believe it was a reliable deer cartridge. I was repeating the lines many of my elders spoke in my youth, all were .30 cal and heavy bullet believers. My Dad strayed from the faith a bit, bought a .243 as a varminter, shot it well, and began to kill deer with it too. Accordingly, when Dad's .243 came my way, I hunted it a bit for nostalgia, and bamaboy killed several with it as well. I say all that to lead up that I have worked with the .243 a bit in the last 10 yrs or so and noticed some trends in my two rifles. Dad's is an early Savage 110 with docked barrel at 21" and the other a Mossberg 800M carbine with a 20" tube.

Both shoot 100 grain slugs with hunting accuracy, the Savage a bit better than the Mossy. The rather rare Mossberg 800M will shoot bugholes with lighter 85 grain bullets, the Savage responds as well, but not so dramatically. The jury is still out on my confidence level with the lighter bullets on deer, but hit right, they get dead, no exits wounds yet.

Speer's not made that 105 gr RN that O'HEIR mentions, in ages!
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