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Originally Posted by Wallyl
Have a Rem 700 .243 Win rifle. Been using Hornady 105 Amax bullets to see how they shoot and have found that I get many flyers. Apparantly the 9.25 twist in my rifle with its' original 22" barrel is too slow. I have a new 26" barrel on it with the same it possble that a 4" longer barrel might be enough to stabilize this bullet---or am I only dreaming?
A lot of people used to shoot the 105 A-Max out of factory twist Remingtons, air density will play a factor in if they stabalize or not. A cold day at sea level you may not have a fast enough twist in a Remington to stabalize the bullet. A 1:8 twist would be better if you live at lower elevations.

It also could be your technique when shooting that's throwing the flyers. Practice makes perfect, so try to do everything the same way every time. I wouldn't go making changes to the rifle until you rule yourself out as much as you can.

There also could be an issue with your load. Is it a flyer or a keyhole? Keyhole strikes are a sign of bullet instability, flyers are usually something else. If it is a flyer it is more than likely an issue in your load development. You'll need to check your load over a chronograph and check your SD and ES, if it's large you need to try different powders, powder charges, primers, and seating depths to find what your rifle likes.

If you don't have extreme ES and SD, then check your ammunition for runout. Roll it across a small mirror and check bullet tips for wobble or get a concentricity gage from Hornady, Sinclair, RCBS, or ect. Straight ammunition shoots straighter to put it simply. Decapping your brass in a separate step and removing your expander ball from your sizing die greatly helps to reduce runout.

If you can't get the A-Max to shoot don't worry about it, Hornady discontinued the 105 A-Max for the A-Tip and ELD-X & M bullets. However, the 105 HPBT by Hornady is a great bullet that should 100% stabilize in you your current barrel. Plus Hornady is still making that bullet for the foreseeable future.

Originally Posted by T. O'Heir
Mind you, Remington uses a 1 in 9.125" twist. That being the normal, 'standard', twist for the .243.
Not even close the SAAMI Standard twist for the .243 Win is 1:10" twist. Remington and a few others use faster than SAAMI twist barrels in the .243 rifles.

Originally Posted by T. O'Heir
A Rem M700 is a hunting rifle. An AMax is a match bullet. Hunting rifles may or may not shoot match bullets well.
False, you don't need a "match" barrel to shoot match bullets. A quality bullet should absolutely be easier to find a load for than one that the QC is less on Rem CL and Win PP bullets come to mind, even in a lowly hunting rifle barrel.

Originally Posted by T. O'Heir
Been using Speer 105 SP's(absolutely not a match bullet. Does astounding things to ground hogs though.) out of a 9.125 rifle for eons, with IMR4350.
You must have a lifetime supply of that bullet as Speer has discontinued that bullet probably close to 10 years ago. It was a good bullet, but it is nearly impossible to find in any quantity anymore. The flat base semi spitzer bullet flew like the proverbial "brick" you like to reference so much, but it did stabilize in 1:10 SAAMI spec barrels.
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