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Good thinking
It's rare--but it does happen very now and then.

Today I loaded up some .355 bullets in starline cases all of which were trimmed to 1.703. I was able to get a COL of almost 2.27 with 125 gr extreme penatrators. These bullets do very well in my past experience even when driven to rifle velocities. I used H110 this time and brought charge weights up to what QL predicted to be around 50,000 psi.

The first three charge weights functioned exactly like factory ammo I've shot--accuracy OK, but the brass was coming out nice and clean with no signs of pressure. Then, by the 4th charge weight, I still was getting no pressure signs, but now gas/crud was obviously leaking down the side of the case whereas the case was coming out entirely clean except at the mouth previously. I have no idea whether this had something to do with the charge or if it was more related to timing. I'm losing confidence in being able to really have a good idea of what's going on

Having the wrong step profile could lead to an infrequent and random problem.
Makes sense, I don't recall seeing an issue with the step when I did the chamber cast, I tossed it somewhere in my black hole drawer and will see if I can find it again.
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