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If what I'm seeing is correct, the case head is actually tilting to stretch/meet the bolt face?
I don't think so, I don't think the cartridge would go into battery if that were the case. what I think might be happening--for whatever reason--is that at the moment of failure the rim face is not backed into the bolt breech rim face. EDIT: unless what you mean is after ignition, in which case yes, I think that is a possibility.
Also, wouldn't the longer Hornady chamfer result in less material/weaker unsupported case head in that area?...
Can't say, though I don't think so--but I do know the fired hornady brass does not show any of the signs of rim compression or gas leakage (so far) and their load must be pretty stout--in my gun it exceeds their advertised velocity average by about 40 fps. I also can't tell where the top of the head/web actually is in the brass nor even what the specs call for--I see a measure of .2 but it's not clear to me if that's rim face to top of web or not. Guess what needs to happen is cut the brass in half to get to the bottom of that.
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