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greater than .355 bullets
Can't argue that point, save that Winchester itself says 0.357"


On the OTHER hand .... Commercial/pulled bullets just now:
Winchester 150 0.355"
Winchester 180 0.355"
Federal 180 .... 0.356"

To be saf[est], I venture Lee sizing down to 356 for jacketed then, although I found no difference in velocity(thereby imputed pressure) between HotCores at 356 vs 357. (I did note that you are seating the HotCores out to 2.27" whereas I'm running a standard 2.26". So I wonder if a throat/final-closure condition is involved.)

My anomalous pressure/velocity spikes were with Lil'Gun/Cast and nowhere else. So I'm really scratching my head until the [other] PoohBahs weigh in....

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