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So if you are a private citizen with a CCW permit and you want to increase your skills, then find an instructor whose main focus is on the armed private citizen like John Farnam or Massad Ayoob or Tom Givens or Dave Spaulding. Somebody who will talk about the legalities of the use of force as well as how to shoot. (I have taken a bunch of classes with Farnam and Ayoob over the years -- might get to train with Givens and Spaulding this summer)

Many instructors with a military background ONLY teach the shooting skills part. Which is fine. Just be aware of what your class is going to cover before you sign up and try to find training that fits your particular needs.

I have a personal preference for instructors who have written books or publish frequently in the magazines because then I have a way to evaluate what they're going to teach me should I choose to train with them.
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