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Got to disagree with much that T O'Heir stated. (It's a trend)
-LE and military training is often different than civilian training, but there is significant overlap. LE and civilian cues for impending trouble are similar, because it is about dealing with people. The basic skill sets of identifying threats, safely shooting, diagnosing malfunctions, moving, and communicating are all quite similar. Sure some skills are not likely to be used in a civilian context (multi-team building clearing, etc), but many fundamentals of both shooting and dealing with dangerous situations are common among civilian CCW, LE, and military.

Good training courses teach sound fundamentals, whether they be marksmanship, threat identification, grappling, medical skills, etc. Where they help advance their students is by providing a logical structure for thinking and learning and an outside perspective to fix mistakes and set proper training goals. One instructor (I think Paul Howe) said something to the effect of "There is no such thing as advanced shooting, only applying the fundamentals at an advanced level.". If a course helps that, then it's probably worth looking at.

...I'm a military member whose primary assigned firearm is a pistol. So, T, please stop making definitive assertions on topics you have only partial knowledge of.
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