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You will certainly get differing courses from every trainer. some may even just give you textbook pages.

Policemen who train civilians may be the type who want them to stay out of the way and stand down or they may be the type who want activist civilians. private trainers may show up in full combat gear at the holiday in meeting room for the written portion, or it may be a guy who looks like grizzly adams, and they may bring $2,000 1911 pistols to the or they may bring snub revolvers. There are going to be the small town and rural areas and the dense jungle type trainers. the technical and true combat instructors and the one who will sit with you in or after the class and talk about real lifef concerns rather than how many taps it takes.

In my opinion a person who can read properly and will actually study it can learn ten times as much from a few books as that person could learn in a couple of six hour sessions. Quality books produced by quality instructors will provide accurate and clear information, and it's not going to be tossed on your plate just once and left behind. As you read you'll have footnotes and illustrations and an index to look at, you will do it at a suitable pace and you won't have to hold up your hand if the guy mumbles into the chalkboard a lot.

That, imo, is where everyone should get their essentials. There won't be any misunderstandings or forgetting things, nothing that happened while you weren't listening. Physical training for actual shooting and carry, well, there have to be dozens of particular skill sets that can be called 'essential' and many of them just won't apply at all. I've never been in a stadium or even crowded area. Don't need training for that. My daughter won't need to know how to drive with a gun but she might benefit from training that would simulate walking around a campus or mall, that sort of busy pedestrian situation.

The essentials are learning how to properly handle the gun, properly conceal and carry it, hands on training for essential accuracy skills, and other base things that everyone used to be taught by their grandfather. Then you start to specialize.
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