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It brings up the question of the random and chaotic distribution on the bell curve as it would apply here.

There are many great trainers and teachers out there, just as we have thousands of great surgeons. For every great surgeon there is a piercing specialist who missed the septum and lobotomized a customer.

We have clint smith and Ayoob and hundreds of others who populate the far right slope of that bell curve, and there are the gomer pyles who set up a berm in their back yard and take $100 to teach qualifications for CC permits.

It's not a good thing. Sure, you have only about thirty percent or so who are truly incompetent and the rest are good enough or excellent. the people who settle for gomer pyle or another of the 10% dimwits place their very lives at risk. I knew a guy once who was training who wasn't even capable of properly functioning at a public range. I don't want my wife, kids, or friends to train under this type.
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