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So let's be realistic for a second. What's the point of talking to others about things like this? Is it just supposed to be a communal circle jerk where we pat each other on the back, say good job, and give out gold stars? Or are we actually trying to learn something like a real AAR. Consider lessons learned, potential alternatives, you know, an actual mental exercise. We should be critical of each other, and we should be even more critical of ourselves. Better we think about it here than have the rest of our lives to think about it if it actually happened.

As for the common response of, "Well I guess I'm not perfect like you". That's missing the point about as much as possible. I have never claimed to be perfect and I never will. I have screwed up before and when I do I am my harshest critic. If the only response you have to an alternate point of view is anger and dismissal, you're cheating yourself. By the way that last point of view comes from a man who lives in Texas and was an officer in Baltimore PD for decades.

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