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Hairy situation here in Texas

Situation happened to myself here in Texas as I traveled from my home town to one of the larger big cities here in Texas. This was right before Christmas. I had been out all day conducting business and I arrived back that evening walking across the parking lot to my hotel room.When I drove up I saw 3 young Hispanic guys with tattoos on their faces standing in the parking lot. I pulled my SW mdl 60 Chief Special out and placed it in my rt hand with my coat over my hand and arm.I had the barrel pointing forward. As I approached the hotel I saw them walking toward me. I'm an older guy, with not much fighting ability left, but plenty of training with weapons and shooting still usable. Immediately they approached me. They stood in front of me at my 10, 12, and 2 o'clock positions Probably 5 ft away. I noticed the guy at the 10 spot had a longneck beer bottle in his rt hand. The other two had empty hands. I was assuming that beer bottle was for my lt side of my head. The one in the middle was doing all the talking in broken English. The 2 on the ends looked scared while the one talking was attempting to distract me.The whole time I had thoughts rushing through my head 1) I am going to hate killing these 3 guys,2) I am going to hate putting holes in this jacket.3) Double tap the one with the bottle and then work down the line. 4) Look for anyone behind them. My training took over. Finally the one in the middle ask," Hey can you look at your watch and tell me the time?" When he asked that I noticed the guy at my 10 turned his beer around in his rt hand and stepped toward me. I stepped back and told them my watch was broke. The guy in the middle just smiled and said,"Watch is broke huh?"I smiled and said yeah. They moved aside and I walked to the hotel entrance. Inside I just deflated. They had no idea what was under that jacket pointing right at their chest. Thank God I had it with me.
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