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Gettin your rabbits dressed and cooled down fast- All out of a backpack.

hogdogs put up a very helpful post about bring full gallons of frozen water to stuff in the gut cavity of deer after shooting.

I do the same with my rabbits, only I use small 16oz frozen water bottles (used plastic soda bottles work great too). They are better than brining out a large ziplock bag of ice (I always get leakage in my backpack, and more ice melts than the solid block of ice in the bottle).

So here's what I pack in my medium sized backpack for a nice early morning or late afternoon rabbit hunt.

-Little three piece Smith and Wesson "Bulls Eye" knife set. $20 on sale at Big 5 Sporting Goods which included a nice little heavy clever for head/leg removal, a small thin incisor knife to start my skinning/gutting grove, and a medium sized knife which makes splitting the hips clean and easy.

-one small cutting board

-3 to 5 small bottles of frozen water (depending on how many rabbits I plan on taking home)

-One large gallon for water for cleaning rabbits/knifes and cutting board.

-5 to 8 plastic grocery for double or triple bagging guts/heads/legs. I do not leave these bits on the ground or bury then in the field, as this would attract more Coyotes to my hunting ground. Also, many non-hunters hike through this area as well.

-2 or 3 large ziplock bags for the rabbits.

-One or two small bottles of cold water, and a can or two of soda which I pack next to the frozen bottles in a plastic grocery sack so I have cold drinks throughout my hike/hunt.

-Small lunch and/or some trial mix (pack trail mix next to frozen bottles if it contains chocolate chips in order to avoid sticky melted mess).

I have all I need for a fantastically relaxing day in the hills with no mess/clean up at home. Toss my knives/cutting board in the dishwasher when i get home. The wife is happy, and so am I

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