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i'm killing hogs every week in this awful OK heat. When the temperature is 80 degrees F you have a maximum of four hours to get the meat cooled before it begins to go bad.

Earlier this week i killed two hogs in temperature that exceeded 100 F: At 100 degrees F hog meat will begin to rot in about 2.5 hours. Both hogs were quickly hung, field dressed and skinned. They were put whole in the old freezer on the back of my truck. That freezer contains 12 one gallon milk jugs full of ice.

BTW: Hog meat is not improved by hanging; even in cold weather, it will spoil. There is a local guy who butchers elk, deer and hogs on a part time basis in the fall and early winter. He is famous for letting hogs rot in his cooler.

IME: Most of the "strong tasting" hog meat that folks complain about is really rotten hog meat.
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