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Thanks - no rush at all on the pictures. As far as the inscription "MANN'S PATENTE" versus "FRITZ MANN, SUHL - PATENTE", I've been unable to perceive any rhyme or reason regarding when one was used and when the other was used. It certainly didn't have had to do with the date of production, as I've seen both kinds of inscriptions sprinkled evenly among examples from 6xxx-21 all the way up to your 38540. "MANN'S PATENTE" does seem a little more common than the other version, though.

The "Crown N" is a German proof mark and will (or should) be found on every Mann. Sometimes they bear another country's proofs as well - the specimen on Gerhard Schoenbauer's "Vest Pocket Pistol Collector" website bears Austrian proofs, for example.


Wow!!! That is a very nice Mann pistol you have there! If you're going to try firing it, you might want to remove those original grips, as it's kind of nice to have them intact and it would be a shame to break them accidentally in the course of the test. But darn it, what am I doing telling you what to do with your own pistol? Getting too protective, as always.


Thanks for the heads-up on the serial number ranges - I have noticed this in some instances (I believe the Beretta 1919 started at 100,000, for example?). It is true that my data on the Mann is quite limited right now, and I should be cautious about making assertions regarding production numbers. Just in case anyone is interested, here is a partial list of the serial numbers I am aware of at present (I have several more, but I haven't fully organized my photos/reported information yet):

13034-21 (nickeled and engraved, though I don't think it is factory work)

The placement of the Mann's serial number on the bottom of the frontstrap is very frustrating from a research perspective, because when you find photos of the Mann, or of any other gun, they're typically of the right and left sides. For a gun that has its serial number placed normally on the right or left side of the frame or slide, you'd be able to pick the serial right out and record it. But in the case of the Mann, I have many photos of examples whose numbers I have no way of knowing, because all I have is a right and left shot, or sometimes one side only. Very frustrating.
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