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Originally Posted by GarandTd View Post
Back-up irons (sights) are the fold down variety that mount on the pic rail. They fold down to allow for optics and are used as back-up in case the optic fails. A popular example would be Magpul Back Up Iron Sights.

MOA is Minutes of Angle. You can look that one up. As far as the MOA dot.......a 2 moa dot covers a 2inch area of your target at 100 yards. A 3moa dot covers 3". A smaller dot is more precise, a bigger dot is easier to see.

@100yards, 1"=1 moa
Thank you! By you explanation for a person with diminishing eyesight the 3moa would be better for me. Is this correct? This is why I don't want iron sights.
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