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When you say "sight" are you referring to iron sights, red dot sights, or a magnified scope?

I don't own a Hi-Point Carbine, but when I've handled one, I liked the sight picture using the factory sights. You could maybe order those directly from Hi-Point.

For red dots, I've got a HoloSun that might work well for the Hi-Point. I want to say it was it was around $140, but I got it closer to $120 on sale. A lot of people like the Bushnell TRS-25 for a bit less $$$.

For a scope, you probably wouldn't go with real high magnification for a 9mm carbine, but something like a Leupold 1.5-4x20 is nice if you want some magnification. Unfortunately, the prices are MUCH higher than they were a year ago... Makes me wonder if those are in short supply (just like guns and ammo) and some price gouging is going on.
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