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I don't see how Trump's coronavirus changes anything. The nomination has already been made, so (other than back room arm twisting) the White House is out of the picture. The game is now in the Senate.
Now that 2 Rep members of the judiciary committee have tested positive , would you like to change your last statement It may not even get out of committee

This is just the beginning . What was it , Wed we had one case now we are pushing 10+ . There's a 14 day incubation period that is really like 3 to 11 days but still the number of positive cases from this one community outbreak is likely far from over . I'm calling it here first , she does not get a vote before the election .

It's looking more and more likely the rose garden ceremony for her nomination was were this all started . Notre Dame President Rev. John I. Jenkins where Amy Barret taught law attended the ceremony and he also now has tested positive for Covid 19 along with several other attendee's .

This is not over by a long shot and it's going to get crazy as far as politics goes .
If Jesus had a gun , he'd probably still be alive !

I almost always write my posts regardless of content in a jovial manor and intent . If that's not how you took it , please try again .

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