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Note to the OP, I don't see where you say where you are. Including that information when asking about the legal processes helps a great deal, and tends to keep us from running two or more pages of everyone telling you how it works where THEY are.

Sounds like you're dealing with a form where you fill out part and the people who process it fill out part. And the way these things usually work is if you fill out the wrong part its now invalid and you have to start over.

But I have no idea what state you are in, so can't give any specific advice.
I specified that I was in Minnesota on page 1. I should’ve included that info in my original post but assumed a P2P was essentially the same regardless of state.

Either way, I got my P2P a little over 2 weeks ago. Took 10 days to receive it in the mail. Ordered a handgun from my LGS soon after but will still have to fill out form 4473 when I pick it up. That’s the part I don’t understand. The Mpls PD do a background check just to approve the P2P and then I do another. But, as someone posted earlier, could be that they do another check to make sure no crimes were committed from the time you get your P2P to the time you leave the store with your gun.
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