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Big Al, The stupid procedure you indicate is a result of the equally dumb rules the liberal legislature (Washington West Coast) enacted a couple of years ago...
This is not quite correct. Much as I hate to have to defend the Legislature, in this matter, they are NOT to blame. In fact they actually did their jobs, by not passing the laws, several sessions/election cycles in a row.

Failing to get them passed through the Legislature, they were passed as voter initiatives, failing in every county of the state except the 5 counties of the "I-5 Corridor" Where, the sheer number of un and under informed voters were subject to ad campaigns which lied to them, often boldly about how the new law was "needed", etc. Enough people "did what they were told" and they became law. Court challenges are underway...

When they can get the computerized system to work properly ( several more years) you will once again be able to present your concealed permit and take possession immediately.
No, sorry, this won't happen. NO more CHP exemptions. The law passed in 2018 (again, voter initiative, passed only on the west side) which went into effect summer 2019 removed all the "extra" benefits from the concealed carry permit. Now, all background checks and waiting periods apply, permit or not. The only thing a concealed carry permit does now, is allow concealed carry.

Note to the OP, I don't see where you say where you are. Including that information when asking about the legal processes helps a great deal, and tends to keep us from running two or more pages of everyone telling you how it works where THEY are.

Sounds like you're dealing with a form where you fill out part and the people who process it fill out part. And the way these things usually work is if you fill out the wrong part its now invalid and you have to start over.

But I have no idea what state you are in, so can't give any specific advice.
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