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gaseousclay---please feel free to correct me on this.

1. In Minnesota to purchase a handgun or a scary looking rifle you have to have a Minnesota "Permit to Purchase" (PTP) card. This means you go down to your local law enforcement agency get a form, fill it out then hand it in and in a couple of weeks you can return to the law enforcement facility and pick up your business card sized paper PTP card. There is no fee in Minnesota to get your PTP card. Since it's a state thing I don't think the 3-day Federal rules apply.

2. Now when you see a hand gun or scary looking rifle you want you show the clerk your PTP card. He allows how it's valid and then you get to fill out the Federal forms (4473) we all know and love and get the NICS background check that we all know and love.

By scary looking rifle I mean "assault weapon" like rifle, even if it is a .22LR. As in a Remington 597 .22 LR in factory pistol grip tacticool dress needs a PTP. The Remington 597 .22 LR with a "normal" rifle stock does not need a PTP.

Silly? We are loooooong past silly.

And on top of this our Minnesota anti-gun group "Protect Minnesota" claims:
“I’ve got to tell you folks, we have never had as weak a gun laws in this country as we have today. We’ve NEVER had this weak of gun laws."
(Guess things were pretty strict back before 1968 when you could have a gun shipped to your house and especially strict pre-1934 when if you had the money you could buy a Tommy Gun from your local dealer without any "background checks".)
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