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I like my 32's a lot...

KT P32, PP clone, Mauser 1914, an oddball Taurus PT132, Beretta 81, very cool Beretta Model 100...

Single Six in 32 H&R, old NEF in the same, CA Undercoverette, Ruger SP101 4.2", and S&W Hand Ejector...

I got interested in them because my wife can't tolerate recoil and my daughter got interested in shooting at a young age. I stayed interested because they're fun.

32acp - not much recoil to speak of, fun to shoot

32 S&W long - not much more recoil than a 22, very accurate, can't imagine why anyone would carry a 22 instead for SD

32 H&R - not a lot more recoil that the longs, "should" be more popular than it is, imho: a decently performing SD cartridge without much recoil that operates in a simple revolver

327 - has some snap and noise to it, but doesn't kick like a 357

The Single Six has a 6.5" barrel and makes it seem like I know how to shoot.

The PP "clone" (from FEG in Hungary) has a very nice balance and is easy and entertaining to shoot.

I don't personally use 32acp or S&W long as SD cartridges, but I am comfortable with 32 H&R and 327 in that role.

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