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I just got a (new to me) blued Bisley Ruger Single Six with a 6.5" barrel. No box or papers but I have to wonder if this hasn't seen a pistol smith before it was put in the safe. It's as good as factory new but the trigger is outstanding and the fit is awesome with very tight cylinder gap. About all I might do to it eventually is put in an oversize Belt Mountain base pin someday to tighten the cylinder even more and dress it up.

Being a Ruger, this .32 H&R Magnum has been pushed by others past factory loads by many others. We don't talk about that here but

I have some experience with supersonic handgun loads and I do not care for the CRACK of the report nor need banjo string trajectory.

The reason I am so pleased with this find is that the Single Sevens had been pulling at my heartstrings but was afraid I would be disappointed. Getting a chance to see this... I have high hopes! Bisley grips??? I HAD to have it!

As for lighter loads- the only problem I have is Unique doesn't meter all that well and I have to be careful to weigh often but then I use a single stage press.

32 S&W Long pretty much means "100 grain wad cutters going 700 fps" or "98 grain Semi Wadcutters" going 750fps and you don't shoot JHPs because we are plinking or target shooting and why? 231 is one powder you could use and you'll be throwing about 1.9 grains which is indeed tiny. I might be tempted to use Lee Dippers in a bowl of powder instead of my powder measure. I think those are a bit too popgun, even for me. Think of powder in the 3ish grain weights and up

Moving up to 32 H&R magnum... we can take these 100 grain cast and hollow points up to nearly supersonic. 850 fps is a nice speed for cast and with a magnum powder, something I might shoot a small deer with in the right circumstance could be done. I would use my .44 for deer hunting- it's still hard enough with a hand gun.

327... well, I don't like supersonic loads. It's just nice to know that whatever "ruger only" 32 H&R load you put in it, it's fine.

I have a lot on my mind about what is popular in the gun industry vs what I enjoy. .32 is a fine caliber. It's bigger than a .22 and I like that it can be hand loaded.

I hope to get to the range soon. I have a couple boxes of ammo loaded up and I will get back to you boys with some results.
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