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I have been carrying an LCRX .327 for about a year. I am very happy with it. I load it with .32 H&R mag for carry and practice with .32 S&W long. It usually goes in my pants pocket, but I have a belt holster for it, too, and I'm slowly getting more comfortable with carrying it like that. I like the .32x enough that I added a Single Seven birdshead. The heavier Single Seven is much more comfortable to shoot with .327 ammo, although I mostly run the .32 S&W long because it's cheaper. I want Ruger to make a 3" LCRX in .327. I keep talking myself out of buying a 3" SP101 in .327, but I might not be able to resist the urge much longer.

I also have a Beretta 3032. Twice as heavy as the Kel-Tec, but similar in size. It goes in my pocket on the rare occasion that the LCRX doesn't fit my clothes. Nothing against Kel_Tec - just bought the Beretta 20 years ago and don't see a need to replace it. The weight doesn't bother me. I do agree that .32 acp is a fine caliber for a small pistol.

Check out the posts at Lucky Gunner Lounge for ideas about ammo for both guns.
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