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I have the Ruger LCR in 327 mag and also in 357 magnum.

So far, I have shot 32 S&W Long rn, 32 H&R mag mostly in Hornady Critical Defense, and some Gold Dot 327 100gr.

the 32 Longs are very mild and and very accurate. The 32 H&R is milder to me (subjective) in recoil than 38 target loads and also an accurate round. The 327 certainly has more power and bark that reminds me of a 38 plus p in an airweight Smith.

I am wanting to try some Double Tap 327 75 gr sometime in the future as well as their 32 H&R load.

the 32 H&R in Critical Defense is now my main carry load as I have retired the LCR 357/38 from carry. I appreciate the six round capacity and the reduced recoil the 32 H&R offers. Even with the boot grip on the LCR, control is easy as the recoil is so manageable.

At my age, I have a new deep appreciation for the 32. I am shooting more now instead of less.
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