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A long story with a tragic end.

I was the visitor at the door:

Again: I was at a house in Houston, Texas on the west side, as everyone should expect I rang the door bell, a young lady answered. I introduced myself and then she introduced herself and finished with "get me out of here ; please!"

I know, there is 911, restraining orders and lawyers for separations etc. so I responded with, "OK". I believed this young lady was denied access to help. It appeared the ship hit the sand when he? Passed me, grabbed her and shoved her into the wall and then slammed the door shut.

I walked to the street to get a few tools and then returned to the house and proceeded to remove the facial boards and trim from around the door frame, I understand, it is not easy to sneak up on someone with all of the hammering and banging but the noise did not escape his attention. He asked me what I was doing. I explained to him I was going to remove the front door because I agreed to get her out of the house.

It was about that time he started to negotiate. He suggested if it was necessary to open the door he would open it. I explained to him we were not going to open the door we were going to remove it; the rational? She was not going to be out of my site. He then wanted to know about putting the door back together. I made it clear installing the door was his problem.

Anyhow; he opened the door and I removed the hinge pins and then carried the door to a tree in his front door and then leaned the door against the tree to show his neighbors I was the good guy, (back to 911) if I WAS THE BAD GUY HE WOULD HAVE CALLED 911.

And then I proceeded to separate her and her stuff from him and his stuff. He did complain about the heat caused by the open (missing) door; I explained to him I was not responsible for the electrical bill.

Because everyone involved was afraid of him she would not tell me where she was going; later I was notified of her new address, I called her and asked her if she would consider someplace else, I informed her I had been to Alabama, I was in Selma when the march began, I was in Montgomery when the march came to an end, on that day they said to me "You are a Yankee aren't you. And I replied with, "Thank you". On that day I met some of the best friends I have ever had.

“A long story with a tragic end”

F. Guffey
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