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I'm going to share a story that I should not about a friend I know well.
Then please don't. I don't understand why people say this and then share.

In this life we have the option to live it boldly and in a manner that can be remembered with praise or in fear behind doors even when our help is sought. The officer in the story won a friend for life at little cost but a touch of boldness and a slice of pizza.
I am not a police officer, nor was the OP acting as an active duty officer in this thread. A man came to his house to talk in a social manner. At the moment he knocked, per the OP, he didn't display any behavior that indicated he was in a mental health crisis and needed aid. I'd add that frankly the OP didn't render aid. When he realized the man was in trouble he asked to call someone or give the man a ride, but the end goal was to get the man out of his home. The man eventually left and the OP didn't follow up, from what we know I am not trying to assume behavior, as to how the man did or if he's feeling better. I don't blame the OP for those actions, I'm merely stating the reality of the situation.

In your own story law enforcement are brought in to interact with this man. I'm not suggesting, for myself, that I watch or listen to someone struggle on my doorstep and not do anything. Ask him what we needs, call him a taxi or an ambulance, there are plenty of options I'd consider. Would I invite that person in my house? No. I am not just responsible for myself. I have family I am not going to deliberately put in what could be harm's way.

If you want to help people in life there are many, many ways. Charitable organizations, both church related and not, outreach programs, the list goes on. There are a lot of ways to give back in settings that don't involve inviting people you don't know into your home. If me not inviting someone I don't know into my home means when I die that people won't praise me, I guess I have to live with that. Frankly I think bringing someone's relationship to God into question and asking them to debate it on an internet forum isn't worthy of praise either, but here we are.
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