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Two concerns spring to mind. The first is that we don't know the full situation. We have the video of the aftermath, but we don't know what led to the shooting. We only have the word of the passenger, who may not be telling the whole or correct story.

Second, I echo what many have said. I started carrying when CCW was still a new phenomenon in many places. We were trained not to do anything that might spook an officer during a traffic stop.

Case in point: a friend of mine was in law enforcement in Florida in the early 1990's. He pulled over a driver for rolling through a red light. The driver was armed and licensed. As the officer approached the car, he saw the driver holding a pistol between his legs and racking the slide.

He came a hair's breadth from killing that driver. The actual story? The driver thought the officer might want to take possession of the gun, so he was clearing it.

So, yeah. If pulled over (which doesn't happen often if we're responsible drivers, right?), I have relevant identification out, my interior lights on, and my hands in plain view. I inform the officer I have a pistol (not "I have a gun") and ask him how he'd like to proceed. I've only been pulled over once while carrying, and the officer simply thanked my and asked me not to handle the weapon for the duration of the stop.
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