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I have said several times before on this forum that the time and place to think about where you keep your wallet/ID in relation to your gun is NOW rather than when the officer is walking up to the back of your car and you think "Oh crap... my gun... my wallet..."

For anyone who has friends who are police officers, ASK THEM how they and their fellow officers prefer you to behave when you get pulled over.

For those who don't have such friends, and even those who do, I highly recommend the book "A Speeder's Guide to Avoiding Tickets", written by a retired NY State Trooper. This is NOT, I say again, NOT for avoiding tickets, but for the valuable information it contains about an officers mindset during a traffic stop.

In general, the only moving about you want to do when you're pulled over and prior to the officers arrival at your window is enough to turn on your interior lights if it's night (which helps the officer see inside your car and sends an unmistakable message that you're trying to be helpful and courteous), turn off your radio, turn off your ignition, put your window down and put your hands on the wheel, relaxed. I personally keep my palms out so I'm not gripping the wheel. After the officer arrives at your window, be polite, be respectful, and DO NOT MOVE unless you are asked to do so AND explain what you are doing and why.

For example:
Officer: "License and registration, please"

You: "Certainly officer. My license is in my back right pocket and the registration is in the glove box. Let me get those for you."

Then move SLOWLY and deliberately and only do EXACTLY as you stated, or exactly according to their instructions.
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