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Let me say this a different way: It's in your interest to not get shot, regardless of what you have or have not done. The best way to do that, is to follow directions exactly, without any quick moves. If you are given contradictory directions or don't understand, then ask which the officer wants you to do first.

Whether or not the police are under siege, it can be a scary journey from the squad car to the driver side door. The officer may have just fought off a combative subject, and the fact is the adrenaline continues to pump for some time after. Maybe that's a bad luck for you, but don't give them an opportunity to do their "NN dance" on you as a way to vent frustration. And I've never been a cop but rode with enough of them as a senior manager at a large police organization to realize it's a job I couldn't do.

There are a lot of uber Type-A personalities in policing that might better be suited to the SWAT team or just outside policing. I've met officers that fright at at an unknown noise and should be working elsewhere, an unfortunately met officer that openly expressed a desire to (commit a serious felony) against someone they didn't like. Luckily, the latter is no longer employed as an officer.
But quite frankly, there are a majority of officers that are incredible public servants that do the right thing, and want to go home to their families and want you to do the same.

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